Nigel Chanter is one of the founders of Snirt, an awesome piece of document collaboration software that is truly revolutionary.  I really resonated with Nigel’s vision, and the passion with which he is doing what he’s doing.  We wanted to create something clean and professional, but with a little personality.  Striking that balance was a very fun and inspiring process, and I have to say I’m really proud of this site.

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Choosing Happiness

I was very excited to work on this site for Choosing Happiness, because the work they do is something I really believe in. I’m very passionate about empowering people to create joy in their lives, so creating a site for this organization was a exciting and fulfilling endeavor. Laura Delizonna and I worked together with her graphic designer to create a site that represents her practice in the best possible way.

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Cornerstone Printing

Kevin and Jeff at Cornerstone Printing approached me to create a sharp, modern site for their Bay Area company. Having been in the print industry for many years, they wanted a site that had balance, with the visual elements aligned and complementary. We worked together to create a site that represented the quality of their work, and provided detail on the services they offer.

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The Common Knowledge

Zara Dramov started The Common Knowledge in 2013, which offers handcrafted leather bags of her own design. She approached me to design a web site to sell her products online. We wanted to create a site that would showcase the beauty of her work, and decided that a simple backdrop with beautiful, high-resolution pictures was the best way to do that.

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Edan Sberlo – Composer

This was a project very close to my heart. Edan is my brother, and he is currently working as a music composer in Los Angeles. I was very excited to create this site as a way for him to demo his compositions. He wanted something simple, elegant, and with a focus on the music itself. We created this site and worked together to make sure it looked and felt like Edan.

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Tarik Daniels – Comedian

Tarik Daniels is a rising star on the New York comedy scene. He is hilariously funny, and has a big personality that fills the room. We created this site and put his picture front and center, because that’s what it’s like to meet Tarik – he’s up close and personal. He is also very active on social media, so we integrated his tweets and other social media content into his site.
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San Francisco Peer Resources

Peer Resources is a nonprofit organization that provides youth leadership and counseling services to students in the San Francisco public school system. Having been a part of this program in my school days, I decided to donate my time for this project. The work they do at Peer Resources is not only hugely important, but it has actually saved many lives. I was very proud to be a part of helping promote this wonderful organization.
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Ezra Stanley – Director

Ezra Stanley is a highly acclaimed film director in Los Angeles, California. Having won several awards and featured in festivals nationwide, Ezra wanted a site that would promote not only his film, but also his work as an actor, a writer and an artist. We created this site to showcase his wide range of talents, and did so in an elegant and minimalistic style befitting his artistic sensibility.Visit Site

Law Offices of Robert E. White

Robert E. White has been practicing law in San Francisco for close to 25 years, but his website hadn’t been updated since the early 1990’s. Wanting a site that appropriately reflected the size and professionalism of his practice, Robert came to me and together we came up with a design that is professional, clean and, at the same time, warm and inviting.

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Taylor Angel – Lifestyle Coach

Taylor Angel started his Life Coaching business as a way to reach out to struggling youth through counseling and sports. We tried to create a design that showed the kind of experience one could expect in working with Taylor, as well as a medium for him to share articles and blog posts for his clients.

Palo Alto Psychology Group

Jason formed the Palo Alto Psychology group along with several of his associates in the summer of 2013. All Stanford-trained clinicians, they aim to serve the tech community in silicon valley, many of whom work in high-pressure jobs and suffer from anxiety and other disorders. We created a web site for Jason and his peers to present their services, as well as offer resources to the community at large.

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East Bay Lactation Associates

Paula and the wonderful ladies at East Bay Lactation Associates provide support for new mothers to learn the skills they need to go through the birthing process, as well as nursing and caring for their child. They approached me to create a site that would represent their approach and unique service offerings, as well as integrate scheduling for the classes and consultations.
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Da Vinci Society of San Francisco

I have known Francesca of the Da Vinci Society for many years, and when the organization needed a new web site, Francesca came to me to help them do it in a way that helped increase member involvement and bring in new enrollments. The site offers information about Italian culture, while at the same time being a hub for all the organizations events and activities.
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